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Blue Light Glasses & Other Specialized Lens Options

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Scope Optometry provides advanced lenses that address specific optical needs. Whether you need blue light glasses or anti-fatigue coatings for everyday computer use, or progressive lenses to help you see both near and far, we will work together to optimize your vision and reduce eye strain, fatigue, and tension. Our optometrist can discuss the various options available to you, and help you decide on the best choice of technology for your vision needs. Stop by our local office to learn more about our lenses or make an appointment to get started with an eye exam!

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Types of Specialized Lenses

Reduce digital eye strain and make focusing easier with advanced lens technology.
The following options for specialized lenses can greatly improve your vision experience.

Blue Light Glasses

The blue light emitted by many electronic screens causes vision fatigue for daily users. That’s why many of our patients opt for lenses that have integrated blue light filters. By adding this technology to your daily prescription-wear glasses, you can make your workday easier and your nighttime TV or screen-scrolling time more enjoyable. Contact us for more information about blue light glasses today!

Anti-Fatigue Coatings

Commonly known as anti-reflective coatings, we can apply these coatings to your prescription glasses in order to reduce eye fatigue from light glares. Basic glasses lack built-in anti-glare technology. If yours lack this technology, we can simply add it onto your existing lenses and give you a better vision experience.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are similar to bifocals but they are intended for patients with only one prescription. The lens is specially designed to simply enhance your prescription near the bottom of the lens. This allows for a smoother experience when adjusting your focus and a better view both near and far.

Schedule a Convenient Appointment Today

If you are interested in our blue light glasses, anti-fatigue coatings or progressive lenses, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information. Call or text us today at (949) 447-5519 or fill out the online appointment request form!
We will be delighted to help you find the perfect lens for you.

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