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Eyeglasses vs. contacts: which one should I choose?

Your vision is of incredible important. Both eyeglasses and contact lenses help you see clearly. Whether you choose glasses or contact lenses depends on personal preferences and medical necessity. One is not necessarily better than the other, but both have advantages and disadvantages.

Picking Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses have been used for centuries to help people see. Now, they still serve to help people see, but can also be used as accessories to make a fashion statement or change up your look. Some benefits of glasses over contact lenses is that they are easy to clean and maintain, and are overall cheaper than contact lenses since they don't always need to be replaced as often. Quality frames and lenses can last many years. Eyeglasses also decrease the risk of eye infections since they don't touch your eyes, and can be protective with the right type of lenses. Lenses with UV protection can protect your eyes and skin around your eyes. People with complicated prescriptions will sometimes see better with glasses than with contact lenses as well. Everyone who needs visual correction should have a pair of glasses, even if they wear contact lenses most of the time. Whether it's to give your eyes a break from contacts, or due to an eye infection or irritation, it's important to have a backup pair of glasses.

Choosing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a wonderful option for vision correction as well. These are lenses that go directly on top of your eyes. This allows wearers to have full peripheral vision. They also make it easier for people to participate in sports and other physical activities in which glasses might be a nuisance or obstruction. Sometimes contact lenses are medically necessary because of a very high prescription or irregular cornea, and will provide better vision than glasses. Contact lenses also present some issues. They can be hard to insert and remove. Also, they reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches your eyes and can lead to eye infections or dry eye problems. Unless wearing daily disposables, cleaning and maintaining the contact lenses is important to reduce the risk of infection. Contact lens prescriptions need to be renewed every year to ensure a proper fit.

No matter which choice you make, it's important to make sure you can see properly. An eye exam is a must before you get either eyeglasses or contact lenses. Talk to your doctor about the best options for your vision and lifestyle.

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