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Things to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting Appointment

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Contact lenses are a great way to improve your visual acuity. If you haven’t worn contact lenses before, you might be wondering what a contact lens fitting appointment involves. In today’s post, Scope Optometry, your local source of contact lenses and glasses, explains what to expect during the examination.

Contact Lens Fitting

Finding the Right Lenses

During your appointment, your doctor may ask general questions about your vision and any trouble you are experiencing with your eyes. They may also ask about your lifestyle and any health considerations that could impact the type of contact lenses you need.

Your eye doctor will present you with several contact lens options during your vision exam. You can choose disposable lenses that you can replace daily or monthly, or soft contacts or rigid gas permeable (GP) lenses. If you have an existing eye condition like dry eye syndrome or astigmatism, your eye doctor might offer specific recommendations to ensure your vision needs and optimal comfort are met.

Getting the Right Prescription

Your eye doctor will take eye measurements to determine the right prescription. They’ll measure your corneal curvature using a keratometer or a corneal topographer. This measurement will determine the proper curve and size for your new contacts. The size of your pupils and irises will be measured, and your eye doctor will also evaluate your eyes ability to produce tears.

After finding the contact lenses that provide the best fit and comfort for you, your eye doctor will start writing your prescription. It will indicate contact lens power, the shape that matches your eyes’ curvature, and diameter. After one or two follow-up visits, the contact lens fitting is considered complete.

Scope Optometry is the leading provider of eye care needs in the local area. We can help you find the correct contact lens fit and a prescription for your comfort and vision requirements, and we provide various options and brands to choose from. Call (949) 979-4311 or fill out our contact form to request an appointment.

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