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Vuity - can eyedrops replace reading glasses?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Recently, the FDA approved a game-changing eye drop that could help you get rid of your reading glasses. Vuity’s eye drop is the first and only drug FDA-approved drug to treat presbyopia. In fact, it is reported that the Vuity eye drops will work in just about 15 minutes, and the effects will last up to 6 hours. This is great news considering that almost half of the US adult population experiences blurred vision at near as a result of presbyopia. Basically, this is a great innovation in the world of eye care and could essentially replace reading glasses for some Americans. This is a one-of-a-kind treatment, especially for optometrists all over the country who are looking for alternatives to help their patients improve their vision. Read on to learn more about Vuity eye drops.

Who are the Vuity Eye Drops for?

Up to date, the clinical trials have indicated that the Vuity eye drops are relatively safe and well-tolerated with minimal side effects, if any. Some side effects may include decreased night vision, eye irritation, and/or headaches. Vuity eye drops are made for patients aged between 40 and 55 who are battling presbyopia.

How Do Vuity Eye Drops Work?

This is the most common question that optometrists all over the country are asking currently. Basically, these eye drops are an optimized formulation. They contain pilocarpine, a renowned eye care therapeutic which has been used to treat glaucoma and blurry vision. When a low dose of Vuity eye drops is used, it reduces the size of the pupil, which helps improve near and intermediate vision while also maintaining distance vision.

These eye drops work in the same way as changing the f-stop of a camera in order to decrease the size of the opening, thus allowing light to pass to the film. However, since these eye drops decrease the pupil size and allow less light in, they’re not to be used while driving at night.

Presbyopia affects so many people in America, and it impacts their overall quality of life. Therefore, the introduction of Vuity eye drops will help many people who have difficulties going about their daily lives due to age-related blurred vision.

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