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What is a contact lens evaluation?

When you get new lenses, it's very important to have your vision checked to correct your eyesight. An eye doctor will perform a contact lens evaluation. Sometimes this is referred to as a contact lens evaluation or contact lens assessment. This is because most optometrists who do vision correction also specialize in contact lenses. A contact lens evaluation will tell the doctor how well the contact lenses are fitting and how they work with your eyesight.

What are the advantages of having a contact lens evaluation?

The advantages of having a contact lens evaluation vary depending on your lifestyle and why you want contact lenses, but they generally include:

  • Allowing you to see sharply without glasses or with only occasional use of glasses.

  • Helping you see well while participating in sports or other activities.

  • Improving your appearance if you are uncomfortable with eyeglasses.

Who can have a contact lens evaluation?

Contact lens evaluations are completed for patients who wish to wear contact lenses in addition to eyeglasses. These evaluations can be completed for adults, teenagers, and some children. The purpose of a contact lens evaluation is to ensure that the patient's eyes can handle wearing contacts and to determine what type of contacts will be most suitable for the patient's eyes and their specific vision needs.

Do I need a contact lens evaluation if I've worn contacts before?

If you want to renew your contact lens prescription, a contact lens evaluation is required to ensure that the contact lenses are the proper fit and are not causing any ocular problems. Even if you've worn contacts for a long time and don't feel like you need any changes, there may be newer lenses that can improve vision and/or comfort that your doctor may want to discuss with you. In addition, contact lenses are considered medical devices that require a prescription renewal, just like any medications you may have been taking for a long time.

What does the contact lens evaluation consist of?

The first part of the evaluation includes performing a series of tests on the patient's eyes to ensure they are healthy enough to support the use of contact lenses. Patients with dry eye syndrome or other conditions may not be ideal candidates for contact lenses, or may only be able to wear certain types of contacts.

Patients with irregular corneas or other refractive issues may not be able to wear soft contacts and will require rigid gas permeable or other specialty lenses instead. These tests are performed at the beginning of a contact lens evaluation so that patients aren't disappointed if they cannot be fitted with contacts based on these preliminary tests. If the patient is healthy enough to wear contacts, they will receive a prescription for contact lenses if needed, and a contact lens fitting procedure will occur.

What are the steps of getting contact lenses?

The process of getting a contact lens prescription has two parts: an eye exam and a contact lens fitting. (The two can be combined into a single appointment.)

A contact lens evaluation is typically performed by an optometrist. Your vision care provider will conduct the following steps during your evaluation:

- Eye health examination

The doctor will look at your eyes and check for signs of inflammation, infection, allergies, dryness, or other conditions that could affect your ability to wear contacts.

- Contact lens measurements

The doctor will measure the curvature of your cornea and determine the size and shape of your eyes. These measurements will help determine what type of contacts are right for you and what brand and model may fit best.

- Vision assessment

Your eye doctor will check your vision with and without contacts to make sure they're helping you see better and that they don't cause any problems with your vision or comfort level.

- The fitting

Your doctor will then fit various lenses on your eye to determine which size, shape, and material work best for you. They will also evaluate how well the lens moves with your eye and whether or not it stays in place.

Keep in mind that some lenses take several tries before finding the perfect fit, so this process can take some time. Once the right contact lens is found, your doctor will evaluate how well you can see through it, as well as its comfort level.

If you ever need a prescription for new contact lenses, your eye doctor will want you to have a contact lens evaluation. As the name implies, the goal of a contact lens evaluation is to check that you're able to use contact lenses safely and properly.

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